Tan-shamed mum leaves doctor’s office in tears after devastating warning

A mum with a tanning addiction who visits up to three sunbed parlours every day was crushed when doctors told her she was at “high risk” of skin cancer.

Tracey Morgan, 44, was left in tears at the devastating warning following tests on her skin.

Medics said she had exposed herself too much to harmful rays sunbeds emit and these had caused 33 questionable moles to appear on her skin. Two of these needed removing urgently, reports Liverpool Echo.

Tracey, who has six children, appeared on BBC documentary Tanorama in which several sunbed addicts shared their stories. In the programme, the mum is seen crying at the news but a doctor reminds her it is “never too late” to stop tanning for her own safety.

Speaking on camera, Tracey said: “You don’t think it’s going to happen to you, you don’t think you’re going to have a problem until you’re faced with it.”

A doctor had told her: “I can look at your back and say you’ve had a lot of sun damage and sunburns. You’ve got moles as well.

“So, when I’m looking at your back, the one thing standing out is that you’ve a large dark mole here. You’ve another one that is a bit inflamed so they make me a little bit more anxious.

“The more times you hit it with sunburn and sun damage, the more times you damage those cells so the greater your chance of getting skin cancer. You are in the high risk category, Tracey.

“Sorry, I’m telling you the facts. It’s never too late to stop, Tracey. “

The programme told how Tracey, from Belfast, quit her job in the care sector to become the manager of her own tanning shop. She said she would enjoy some time on the sunbeds after most days of work.

Speaking at the start of the documentary, she said: “I started tanning when I was 18 or 19. I’m naturally very pale so I just like a bit of colour about me. I like a bit of a glow.

“There’s times when I would go a bit heavy and be a lot darker and I’ve been a bit tan shamed a couple of times in front of the mirror.

“I have seen photographs of me before and thought ‘uhh’. It was just ridiculous but at the time I didn’t think I was that dark.”

The woman opened up about her longstanding addiction, which began in her teens.

She added: “I’ve been known to go out on a Saturday night and have two or three sunbeds in different shops on the same day. It’s not recommended because you just roast. Absolutely roast.

“It becomes an addiction, but it’s a nice addiction. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, so I enjoy a sunbed.”

In the final, poignant scene, Tracey vows to tackle her addiction to help her health.