Japan landslide: Terrifying moment rain causes devastating collapse as two people feared dead

This terrifying footage captures a devastating landslide caused by heavy rain which has destroyed homes, reportedly killed two people and left 20 people missing in Japan.

The mudslide tore through the city of Atami on Saturday, where rain has lashed down for days.

Panicked residents are heard shouting at the start of the video as a whistle is repeatedly heard, believed to have come from emergency services seen on the ground.

But suddenly the huge deluge of black water is seen crash through the city, demolishing houses, bridges, trees and cars.

A torrent of debris is pictured crashing to the ground as the landslide takes momentum. Pylons can be seen falling to the ground, causing small sparks of electricity in the air.

Is is reported as many as 20 people are now missing in Atami alone.

Other photos taken there in the aftermath and shared online show partially submerged cars and rescue workers trudging through waist-high water with life rafts.

Residents are slowly being evacuated, according to reports.

This footage has been shared hundreds of times online to warn others and further clips on Twitter capture other deluges of water.

Rainfall in the city since Wednesday has already exceeded the average level for July, it is understood.

Other cities and regions nearby, including Kanagawa, have also experienced downpours and so it is feared are under threat of similar destruction.

Atami is a seaside town on Japan’s largest island, Honshu. While it only has around 37,000 residents, it’s heavy population density is close to 600 persons per km².

Its known for typically having hot, humid summers and relatively little rainfall between June to August.

So, disaster management teams are now reportedly trying to rescue the missing people and identify ways to minimise any further risk.